Plantar Fascia & Sore Feet

On the bottom of your foot is a structure called the Plantar Fascia.

Running between your toes and your heel are thick bands of tissue that form an adjustable ‘’bowstring’’ of strong and flexible fascia.

The ‘bowstring’ effect of this structure and others in the foot allow it to
disperse weight and bear load, as well as to keep the arch of your foot.
Dysfunction with the plantar fascia can affect muscles and posture throughout the body.

For example, tight hamstrings and calves are common complaints, as well as difficulties with putting on shoes or tying laces.

Tight plantar fascia can be incredibly sore and disruptive in people’s day-to-day. Working on concrete or tiled floors, running after a long break or even weight gain can lead to dysfunction and soreness.

Myofascial Cupping is incredibly effective at releasing this connective tissue, as the nature of the treatment allows for a gentle separation and release of
the fascia.

If you’d like to test the ‘bowstring’: try to touch your toes, see how far you get, then roll a tennis ball under your feet for a minute and try again, you might be able to reach further.
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