Chiropractic & Remedial Massage Daw Park

Our mission is to provide the community with the best available health care. We believe in the importance of a healthy and strong community. Our promise to you is to continually improve our service, to then apply the most up to date evidence based care that we can.

Your Daw Park, Adelaide Chiropractor

When health is stopping you from living at your fullest, you want a professional you can trust. Pain and stress are two parts of a repeating cycle and, at Chiropractic on Winston, we offer a therapeutic approach to care that tackles both at once. Our thorough and effective care gets to the roots of your pain while ensuring you get the attention, honesty, and respect you deserve.

Qualified Health Professionals, who continually further their education in Professional Applied Kinesiology and a Diploma in Paediatrics

Our whole-body approach to family-based care works for all and can help you ease the pains of all stages of life

A confident, reliable and optimistic team ready to welcome, listen and ensure the highest standard of care

Whether you need chiropractic care or remedial massage therapy, whether you’re young, old, or pregnant, Chiropractic on Winston can help you. Get in touch and let us find the right approach together.


Chiropractic treatment at Chiropractic on Winston focuses on a holistic approach to your health. We try to understand the cause of your pain, and work towards overall improved health and wellbeing.

The chiropractic treatment available at Chiropractic on Winston is designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing by directly relieving discomfort and restoring posture. Our PAK technique is a holistic practice designed to ease pain from a combined structural, biochemical and emotional approach.

The chiropractors on the team combine this approach with a further understanding of the body developed through sports training and remedial massage therapy training. This helps us assess your problems from a different perspective and better understand the underlying mechanics causing your pain, leading to more accurate, precise relief.

How REMEDIAL massage & myofascial cupping can help you

Remedial massage is far more than just relaxation. We can tackle sore muscles, tight joins, sports-related injuries, and especially the hip, neck, and back pains that plague so many of us. Remedial massage helps to find the root cause of musculoskeletal injuries and to relieve them directly.

Myofascial cupping, meanwhile, tackles the strain that can build in the fascial tissues connecting the muscles throughout the body. By getting to the source of the problem, dysfunction, tightness, and soreness across the entire body can be eased or cured.

What else can we do for you?

Pregnancy & Paediatric care

We offer a level of care necessary from your pregnancy months to the important years of development. With further training in Chiropaeds, we know how to focus our treatment specifically for a growing spine.

Working Families

We all know how stressful life can be. When all family members can function at their best, then your family can work at their best. We aim to treat people of all professions, office workers, tradies, teachers and doctors.

Elderly care

Treatments designed to tackle the aches of getting older. We can help you live a higher quality of life with more mobility, resilience, and a whole-body approach to relief.

Find the relief you need today

We’re glad to welcome you to our comfortable, modern clinic on Winston Avenue in Daw Park, Adelaide. Our family care clinic is built on the belief that effective health care has the ability to transform not only lives but communities. If you’re in need of that transformation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Chiropractic on Winston.