How often should you see your Chiropractor?

This will vary according to the individual, as those who walk into our clinic are unique and different. What this means is that the frequency of your care and your prognosis will vary.

But what is important is that we work towards seeing changes in your outcome measures. Outcome measures may take the form of

  • Questionnaires i.e. Oswestry LBP, or the Neck Disability Index, 
  • VAS scores – your pain rating out of 10, 10 being the worst,
  • Range Of Motion and many more. 

Changes in your outcome measures are a sign that improvements are being made, which then allows us to reassess your prognosis and schedule of care.

Every individual is unique and we all respond differently to treatment, but rest assured our aim is to help you improve, and help you function at your best.

If no improvements are being made, we then look at the need for further investigations whether that be X-rays, CT, MRI, GP Referral and the need for complimentary treatment like Remedial Massage, Dry Needling, Physiotherapy, Podiatry , Acupuncture and many more.