We’re taking steps to stop COVID-19

To our community, friends and family,

Although we’ve been careful and concise in our handling of changes to coronavirus, it’s been a hard few weeks trying to keep our business consistent and adjust our treatments to social distancing rules.

Having been in business for only 6 months, it’s hard to be asked to change the way we practice already. As the treatment we offer, and love doing, requires physical therapy and physical assessment. As much as we understand some allied health can work remotely and treat relatively well, Chiropractic relies on adjusting to trigger neural response and this cannot be done without being in the room with you.

In the interim we’ve been keeping up with government guidelines as well as creating our own interventions to keep our community as safe as possible.

So here’s how we’re looking after you and ourselves:We’re still open! – our hours may be reduced, or restricted during this time, but we are still operating- stay up to date with our social media for any updated working hours.

Chiropractic treatment is still operating.

We aren’t providing Remedial Massage Therapy during this time, due to the government and massage therapy association guidelines. The long consultation times as well as the need for close proximity throughout the treatment makes it hard to justify treatments as safe – We feel as though we need to protect our community.

Ensuring up to date hygiene standards- this includes:

-Wiping down all surfaces including wiping down chiropractic treatment table in between each patient

-Providing hand sanitiser to our patients and staff

-Washing our hands in between each patient

-Allowing a 15minute gap between each patient to allow for reduced or no patient interactions and time for thorough cleaning.

We truly and deeply care for our patient base and our community.

If you feel you can come see us, please do, otherwise helping to share our message on social media would be fantastic as well.

If you have any worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe, stay well, and remember to be kind to each other.

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