Trust is a must

Whether you heard about us from a friend or a family member, or just decided to google  ‘Chiropractor near me’ we’re very glad to have you find our clinic.

If you’ve found us through a search it can be confusing working out whether a clinic suits your needs.

So what do we do to differentiate our clinic?

Choosing a chiropractor can be confusing, so we’re going to break down some key points to consider when finding one you can trust. Although we’ll be talking about chiropractors, these attributes are important to consider for all health care practitioners!

Taking the time to Diagnose and Discuss

Having a good working relationship with our clients is important. Understanding what your goals for treatment are, your clinical history and any questions or concerns for treatment are needed to create good outcomes for our patients. Our 45 min New Patient appointment allows us to do just that and make sure we have the time to understand your unique circumstances.

Longer appointments allow for:

  • Time to understand your condition properly and come to an accurate diagnosis
  • Get to know you as a person and built rapport
  • Allows for proper education and reassurance
  • Time to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have

After this patients do have the option of booking a longer Chiropractic timeslot if required or preferred.

Informed consent

Consent is an integral part of every consultation. Your chiropractor should have an honest discussion with you regarding your prognosis, treatment options, and cost in order to help you come to an appropriate decision regarding your health and treatment.

What’s important for your treatment

Evidence based care is created by taking three important aspects of your health into consideration when decisions on your health and treatment are made-

Current Best Evidence

Clinical Expertise

Patient Preferences

Although we don’t expect our chiropractors to discuss these with you each treatment, rest assured these three aspects help to shape your health decisions and are always considered by our team. 

Your comfort and privacy

All information given to our Staff and Clinicians is confidential and will not be shared without your prior consent. Information can be relayed between clinicians with your written permission.

From Left to right

RMT Philip Coulson

Chiropractor Dr Loukia Papagergiou

Chiropractor Dr Luke Schmidt

Your local Chiropractor

We’re very lucky to have our staff all live locally. We’re invested in our local community and enjoy seeing the people in our area flourish. We’re happy to be contacted with any questions or concerns via our Email or Phone. 

We look forward to meeting you soon,

The Team at Chiropractic on Winston