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Pregnancy Care

Your transition into pregnancy can be enhanced through Chiropractic care. The principles of Chiropractic are to allow for optimal communication between the brain and body and the body and the brain. This allows for a healthy balance of your physical, emotional and hormonal self.

Our Chiropractors are passionate about supporting you throughout your transition; prenatally, throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Our Chiropractors understand the changes that can occur during this time and aim to help you be more comfortable, aware and educated about your pregnancy.

Our Chiropractor Loukia has undergone extensive postgraduate training in Women’s Health, has completed the Spinning Babies Workshop and is a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner. She has given back to the community by providing lectures and podcasts about the benefits of Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. This additional training allows for a comprehensive analysis and treatment specific to your needs.

The Spinning Babies® approach with Chiropractic Care

Our Chiropractors incorporate the Spinning Babies® paradigm. This approach focuses on a physiological approach to preparing and caring for you throughout your pregnancy so you can have a natural/healthy birth. This philosophy ties in with Chiropractic’s holistic approach to health.

“Spinning Babies® has become a paradigm, or a new view on childbirth. By understanding birth physiology better we can help birth be easier. Spinning Babies® is how we are Changing Birth on Earth.”

You do not have to struggle with pain and discomfort throughout your pregnancy, as it should be a special time for you to enjoy, engage and be present with your baby, family and community.

Let Chiropractic care be the support you need throughout your pregnancy journey.

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