Paediatric Care

Dr Loukia Papageorgiou

Our Chiropractor Loukia, has always had a keen interest in the development of children. Her interest started as she saw her father’s passion towards providing the best start for a child’s development through his profession as a Primary School Teacher. This in combination with the fundamental principles of Chiropractic, which focus on neurology and brain development, has led Loukia to where she is today.

She currently holds an Advanced Paediatric Chiropractor title (APC) through the Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics (ACCP), meaning she has undergone an extensive 2 year post graduate course in the specific field of Paediatrics. Loukia currently holds a position as a Director on the Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics Board where she contributes to the professional development and standard of all Chiropractors who treat children.

Dr Luke Schmidt

Our Chiropractor Luke comes with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience during his time working in South Africa. Luke Schmidt has an interest in treating issues associated with colic and babies from 0-6 weeks. He is currently in the process of further progressing his skill set by completing the 2 year ChiroPaeds Diploma through the Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics (ACCP), meaning he is well on his way to obtaining his APC title also.

Both our Chiropractors are highly skilled and come recommended by many healthcare professionals who trust what we do and value the importance of Children’s Chiropractic

Child at Chiropractic Clinic playing with blocks in Adelaide, Australia

Here at Chiropractic on Winston we have a keen interest in Paediatric Care

Our philosophy here at Chiropractic on Winston is Community. We strongly believe that by fostering the optimal growth and development of our paediatric population , this will help to facilitate a healthy and strong community as they grow healthy and well.

Chiropractic care ensures the optimal growth for your child by assessing the spine through the use of appropriate Paediatric assessments. Through this assessment our Chiropractors are able to detect any dysfunctions in the spine that may be hindering the communication between the brain and the body. Why not give your child the best start to life by ensuring they have the most optimal brain and body communication ensuring they grow healthy and well.

Our Chiropractors are here to help guide you through this journey, together as a community.

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