Chiropractic, and it’s effect on the Brain- Body Connection

Have you ever thought how chiropractic treatment works?

Have you ever experienced going to tie your shoe-laces, or bend down to pick up something and your back just “goes”?

Well, you’re not alone! In fact ~ 80-90% of the patients I see have had this happen to them before.

It’s relatively common, and can respond really well with Chiropractic Care.

Essentially, your brain has lost its connection with the body. The Body and the brain are not communicating effectively, and so when you lift yourself up from bending down, your brain has not switched on the correct muscles to help lift you up, due to the miscommunication which then leads you to “doing your back in”

This short video, accurately explains this.

Initially treatment will focus on getting you out of pain and moving better, which may require a few treatments, but long term, its best to keep your appointments regular, every 4- 6 weeks, to maintain this body brain connection.

You’re probably thinking, well shouldn’t my brain and body be connected all the time?

Well, as Heidi explains

  • poor posture
  • negative thoughts
  • previous trauma
  • poor diet
  • poor sleep
  • and many more things….

can all contribute to poor brain body communication.

This is were chiropractors can assist you, by providing you with tools such as

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • adding Remedial Massage Therapy into your schedule of care
  • Stretches
  • Exercises to improve posture
  • Basic Dietary advice
  • Complimentary Supplementation
  • Referral to other health care professionals
  • and much much more

So, if you’ve been in that situation where your back “just goes” then why not give chiropractic treatment a go?

As always, any questions please feel free to get in touch.